Porkchop Workshops

HAM Radio

Grade Level: 5th grade
Duration: 1 or 3 day

Fifth grade students are introduced to the history and creation of radio drama through our portable, Foley sound effects studio! This highly popular workshop brings old fashioned radio dramas, comedies and mysteries to life through original scripts and creative sound effects. Each class in the grade level will meet for up to an hour a day, with each student playing a crucial role as either a voice actor or sound effects guru! The workshop session culminates with a recorded "radio" presentation of their work in this highly creative process. Intensities include: radio broadcast history, styles of stories, comprehension and interpretation of written text and dialogue, teamwork, collaboration, and higher order thinking skills.

Conversations with a Playwright

Grade Levels: 3rd-5th grade
Duration: 1 day

Students have the opportunity to interact with and learn from Stacey Maxwell, the artistic director of Porkchop Productions. Over thirty years, Stacey has written over 75 adaptations and original plays that have been performed thousands of times for audiences in six states. From the structure of a story, to creating characters, plot, dialogue, action, lessons, and morals, this workshop helps students understand the creative process of playwriting. Through tips and pointers, students discover how to unlock their imaginations and make their own words come to life on pad or paper. At 50 minutes to an hour long, this workshop can be administered class by class or for an audience of up to 300 with ample time for questions afterwards!    

Introduction to Theatre

Grades Levels: K5 - 3rd 
Duration: 1 or 3 day

Students learn to stretch their creative wings as they are introduced to concepts of drama that can span far beyond the stage! Tailored to specific grade levels, participants engage in activities from pantomime, expressing emotions, creative role-playing, collaboration, vocalization, action and reaction and improvisation. Our unique approach to understanding basic skills combine imagined and real life scenarios that make the process fun and educational for everyone involved!

What's Up?  Make-up!

Grade Levels: 4th - 8th
Duration: 1 or 3 Days

Participants will learn the history, uses, and application techniques of professional grade make-up designed specifically for the stage in styles ranging from "old age," animal, and fantasy, to cuts, burns, bruises and scars!  The one day workshop will focus on one style and can accomodate up to 25 participants in an hour long session, up to six sessions in a day.  Three day workshops gives you your pick of three styles with up to 25 participants in an hour long session each day.  

Living Statues

Grade Levels: 4th - 8th
Duration: 1 or 3 days

Bringing famous literary, historical figures and artwork subjects to life through the art of the living statue. Participants will learn how to create bronze, silver, and granite "sculptures" through the blending of specially designed makeup and fabric paints.  The characters come to life through pysical interpretation, movement, and style.  Participants will also serve as docents, who will be able to give the history and background of the characters represented. Join us for this fun and fascinating new form of art education.  
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