Porkchop Performances
For 25 years, Porkchop Productions has delighted audiences of all ages with our interactive, one-of-a-kind performances.  With more than fifty original plays and adaptations, these 45 minute long live-theatre experiences align with educational standards, model character traits, and convey universal lessons that are designed to educate and entertain.
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    Select a performance (or performances) you are interested in along with several date options that suit your schedule. Send us a message or give us a call!
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    We will confirm date availability and pricing in your area. (Discounts are available for block or multiple performance bookings.)
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    Once a date/time/performance has been agreed upon, we will send you a contract and invoice. Sign, choose a method of payment, and return.
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Little Red Riding hood and the Fruitcake of Doom
appropriate for Grades PreK- 5th

A girl in an itchy cape, a motorcycle riding granny, and a fruitcake as hard as a rock bring our twisted take on this timeless tale to life! Join Little Red, a cast of zany characters and, of course, a wolf in disguise! Big laughs, themes in following the rules, and great opportunities for comparative literature highlight this hit for all grade levels. ​

Available January 13 - March 20, 2020

The ugly Duckling  #theawkwardyears
appropriate for Grades PreK- 5th

Our fractured take on Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale about an ugly duckling trying to find her place in the world. This fast paced production brings your favorite characters, plus a few new ones, to life in an updated style that is relatable to students of all grade levels. Themes in bullying, acceptance, and finding the beauty within yourself make for a theatre experience that will not soon be forgotten!

Available March 23 - May 29, 2020


appropriate for Grades PreK- 5th

Ever wonder what happened to Goldilocks after she left the home of the three bears? We did! Meet Sandra Imogene Locks (Goldilocks for short) a little girl with a big attitude who keeps getting herself into trouble! Will her reign of terror continue or will she have to face the music when she finds herself at the mercy of her peers and the honorable Judge Trudy? Find out in this whimsical tale that teaches important lessons about respecting others as well as yourself!
​​Available SUMMER 2020